Getting To Know The Baby Formula Brands In The Market

As a new mom, you may want to familiarize yourself with the baby formula brands currently in the market and the advantages and selling points of each one so you know which is best suited for your baby. They all have DHA, ARA and iron, which are essential for eye and brain development. They all use cow milk as a base, but the amounts of whey and casein vary for each one.

Enfamil Premium Newborn

This brand is specifically developed for newborns who are aged 0-3 months and is the only formula available that is specific to newborns. It has more Vitamin D for strong bone development and a probiotic combination in the ingredients to nourish the beneficial bacteria in the child’s stomach.

Enfamil Premium Infant

This formula is the next elevation from the corresponding company’s newborn formula because it can be used on infants from age 0 to 12 months. The formulation is made up of a ‘Natural Defense Dual Prebiotic’ that also sustains healthy bacteria in the baby’s stomach, aids in digestion and facilitates immune system development.

Similac Advance

Designed for babies at any age under a year old, this formula consists of a cows’ milk base and has Lutein which is essential for optimal eye health, nucleotides which are necessary for boosting the immune system, and prebiotics which feed healthy bacteria in the tummy and aid in bowel movement. All this combined gives the brand a feature they call the ‘Early Shield’.

Bright Beginnings Premium

Is less popular and the name Premium is employed for their standard formula for children below a year old. It has the usual essentials (DRA, IRON and ARA) not to mention probiotics (the same as those found in breast milk) which play a big role in the strengthening and development of immunity and aiding in digestion.

Parent’s Choice Premium & Advantage

These baby formulae of the Parent’s Choice brand are sold entirely at Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart and are manufactured by Wyeth, a component of the Pfiser group of corporations. Both the Advantage and the Premium formulae have probiotics for immune system support with the only contrast between them being the fact that the Parent’s Choice Advantage formula has Lutein which is significant for eye health while the Premium does not. They both come in powder form but Advantage is the only one with the premixed alternative between them.

Gerber Good Start Protect

This is the only standard brand of formula which has proteins that are partially broken down prior to consumption by the baby, hence this means they undergo easier digestion by the baby. It is highly recommended by doctors on account of its standard delicate formula which is considered by other brands as a sensitive formula. This sensitive formula offered by Good Start breaks down all the protein for the baby which is not a characteristic of other stomach-friendly formulae. Additionally, the formula has an active B. Lactis probiotic which specifically is the most beneficial bacteria for newborns hence it is the best replacement for breast milk.