With the proliferation of organic baby formula brands out there, it is easy to get confused and give up in frustration about finding the information to help you decide which organic infant formula is best for your baby. If you are a mom or dad out there who is looking for the best option for your child, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best organic baby formula reviews to make your task easier and much more pleasant.

Earth’s Best Organic Formula

Earth’s Best is a common organic baby formula which is available at baby stores and at many natural food markets. According to the company website, EarthsBest.com, their formula uses only organic ingredients that are Kosher and USDA certified, and is at par with all FDA conditions for this choice. Earth’s Best Organic Formula has the necessary vitamins and minerals for your baby like zinc, iron, and six B vitamins. Earth’s Best uses organic lactose from milk as its sugar, which is of better quality than that of corn syrup. This formula does not contain pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids and is patterned after breast milk, especially formulated to contain carbohydrates, high quality protein, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins. Earth’s Best Organic Formula is nutritionally complete as it features twice the DHA and ARA found in another popular organic baby formula brand according from organic baby formula reviews found in the web. Earth’s product does not contain added salts, refined starches or sugars and also has no artificial preservative, color, or flavour and has a whey and casein ratio identical to breastmilk.

Vermont Organics Baby Formula

Vermont Organics is formulated and designed for one purpose, which is to provide superior quality organic baby formula. Vermont Organics Baby Formula also features an organic soy version which provides parents the option to choose between their standard formula and the soy version to pick which one is the best organic baby formula for their child. Vermont Organics Baby Formula is USDA approved, is gluten free, has no antibiotics, harmful pesticides, or added growth hormones but one drawback is that they are only available online.

Baby’s Only Organic Formula

Baby’s Only Organic Dairy formula has the distinction to be the first organic baby formula in the US more than a decade ago.  Baby’s Only Organic Formula is scientifically formulated to meet the standards of nutrition established by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Their company sets its ingredient parameters beyond “organic” by obtaining only the very best natural ingredients, including ensuring that the milk they use is from organic family farms. None of their baby formulas have palm olein oil or palm corn syrup in its ingredients. Baby’s Only makes four different types of organic baby formula which they ironically label as toddler formula in their quest to support breastfeeding:  Regular, a soy based version, a lactose free formula, and Regular with DHA and ARA which all come in powder form only. It is recommended to use their Organic Formula with ARA & DHA as compared to the Baby’s Only original organic toddler formula because ARA and DHA are highly important for your baby’s healthy development.

Parent’s Choice Organic Formula

Parent’s Choice Organic Formula has certifications from Quality Assurance International, USDA organic, and FDA. It is guaranteed to be containing 95% organic ingredients. Parent’s Choice does not have any additional growth hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics in its formulation. Parent’s Choice Organic Formula is made with organic lactose from milk. The ARA and DHA essential fatty acids on their formula are from vegetarian sources which makes it easily digestible. Parent’s Choice Organic Products features milk-based formulation containing all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals for your baby’s development and growth such as nucleotides to support the development of your baby’s immune system, calcium to support your baby’s bone growth and ARA and DHA for eye and brain development. The brand is currently only available at Amazon.com and Walmart.

Similac Organic Infant Formula

Similac is the only and first large organic baby formula brand to have an organic form of their standard infant formula. Similac offers parents the choice of a pre-mixed and nipple-ready bottle which is very convenient and makes it great for travel. According from their website, Similac uses organic soy, organic coconut oil, and organic high oleic content sunflower as their fat source. Their formula is from organic milk Kosher and is the #1 among brands being fed in hospitals.

The above organic baby formula reviews  of the leading formula brands are aimed to help parents decide which is the best organic baby formula for their child’s needs and are not aimed to advertise any specific brands.