Formula To Rid Baby Gas

Occasional gas is completely normal, even in babies. This is just a mere indication of swallowed air or just a meal that didn’t settle well, in this case milk. Despite the fact that this is a normal occurrence, too much of it might be upsetting for both the baby and you. For the better part of it, it’s very easy to tell when a baby is gassy, for adults not so much. Babies haven’t learnt the skillful art of hiding gas, and therefore early detection is a possibility for any parent. Just a few characteristics or behavioral changes that you may notice include a bloated appearance, a fuss during feeding or even after, a swollen abdomen and physically pulling of the legs closer to the chest. The last one may not be as reliable as the predecessors as babies do that a lot.

There are many physical approaches to relieving gas pains such as burping during breastfeeding, using over-the-counter drops to alleviate gas, a tummy massage or just a gentle bump on your laps. However, this is more of a short term solution to gas problems. In some cases, babies can have long lasting effects that can be frustrating. So why not prevent these while feeding them?

Formula To Formula

It’s true, babies are more likely to suffer bloating from formula milk rather than breast milk. This is due to the cow milk base in which it is manufactured. But you can’t breastfeed forever, so what are the other great options? There are numerous products out there that will not only prevent gas, but also relieve other stomach issues. These are mostly soy-based with probiotics to assist in easy digestion.

  • For babies who are lactose intolerant, there is a magical solution. Similac Sensitive is a lactose-free formula that is formed by the blend of two carbohydrates and is highly absorbable.
  • Enfamil formula is another favorite brand among parents and pediatricians, with an impressive claim. This further includes Omega acids, calcium and DHA that not only settle an upset stomach, it also ensures proper development and growth. If however, your baby has the acid reflux, consider choosing another formula.
  • Nutramigen Infant formula is a great solution if your baby cannot break down milk or soy proteins themselves. The best thing is that it builds your baby’s tolerance to cow’s milk with probiotic properties.
  • The Gerber Good Start Soothe is a great recommend for babies with gas, colic, fussiness and even excessive crying. Who knew food was the answer? It has good bacteria that encourages easy digestion and ensures soft stools. Beware though, for this may not be the best solution to lactose intolerant babies as it has blends of up to 30% lactose.

Keep your baby’s tummy smiling! Happy baby, happy mommy.