Whether we like it or not, there are simply times that breastfeeding is not possible even though it is certainly the best for both the mom and the baby both psychologically and physiologically speaking. If the mother is not producing enough milk, or has a condition that prevents her from producing safe milk for her baby, or if the baby simply does not want to breast feed (it happens), then what would be the next best thing available for mothers out there when breastfeeding suddenly isn’t the best?

What is the best baby formula?

While there are a number of baby formulas available in the market that offers excellent nutrition for infants, they are not created equal. Conventional or regular baby formula can contain nasty chemicals and toxins which can harm your baby. Though the effects may not be readily obvious, let us not discount the fact that 50 years ago, the health of individuals are in much better shape than the generation who grew up drinking regular baby formulas. It is for this reason that the best baby formula is organic.

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Why choose organic baby formula?

Feeding your baby organic baby formula means choosing to give them the gift of living a healthier life at an early age. Organic baby formula is produced without the use of growth hormones, synthetic pesticides, or potentially harmful chemicals.